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embrace Lean way of thinking

Manufacturing & Industry

We at QCDMS, help you embrace Lean way of thinking. The main focus on identifying and eliminating all types of waste or non-value added activities.



Our Trainings Provide

cost reduction by eliminating waste

creating proper operations within a work site

product quality guarantee

We help you focus

Government & Public Sector

One of the main problems when it comes to this sector is that the resources always constrained. Processes and customer relations are complex. Leadership objectives frequently change.

As Leaders in Lean, we help you focus on choosing one aspect or area that needs improvement.

Public Health

To explore ways to improve

Supply Chain & Logistics

QCDMS is always looking for new ways to drive efficiencies. QCDMS Leaders will help you explore ways to improve supply chain management.

We will help with ⇒

Supply chain mapping


Logistics outsourcing

Principles of triple bottom line

(economic and social change)

Go through industry analysis using strategy frameworks

to maximize the value and output


Lean Methodology focuses on reducing costs, materials, time and effort. We show you how to maximize the value and output of a project while taking away wasteful aspects and time delay.

How Lean helps:

  • Managing to use less materials and with less waste, costs are greatly reduced;
  • Reducing construction time, can greatly reduce planning and strategic vision;
  • Fewer accidents and increased safety rate;
  • Better Communication, fewer workers and better results;
  • Less stress between workers and managers;
  • Due to higher rate of planning, much better productivity;
  • Increased job satisfaction – more commitment and better performance.



In spite of benefits we get from our healthcare system – inefficiencies, waste and inconsistencies significantly limit the experience and quality of care. In QCDMS we bring innovative tools such as Lean Six Sigma, PMP and others to front line staff of hospitals, physicians offices and healthcare organizations and provide practical consulting and training based on the particular problems and inefficiencies. 

Public Health



QCDMS Consultants work with you on process improvement methodologies and show you how to successfully deploy them.

How Lean helps:

  • extension of public resources;
  • improving quality of life;
  • reduce expenditures;
  • reallocate investments.

identifying and eliminating all types of waste


reducing costs, materials, time and effort

improving and extension of public resources

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Formed in 2014, we believe in improving your organization's Key performance indicators: Q-Quality, C-Cost, D-Delivery, M-Morale, S-Safety.

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