Case Studies



Honda Cars India

  • Converted line from one model to variant model line;
  • Completed numerous quality defect reduction projects by using Honda A3 thinking;
  • Completed time & motion studies, did load balancing on assembly line to free up five resources.

Automotive Parts

  • Reduced tooling Changeover process from 1 hour to 20 minutes;
  • Honda seat frame product line productivity improved by 10%;
  • Freed up 12 resources from a process.

Commercial Filters

  • Reduced manufacturing lead time by 95% from 10 days to 30 minutes;
  • Initiated Lean communication structure;
  • Started inventory management system.


Automotive Service

Transit Repair Shop

  • Inventory reduced by $500,000;

  • Lead time reduced by 30%;

  • Billable hours vs. actual hours improved from 60% to 80%.

Flow at Collision Shops

  • Working with a group of collision shops, 6 shops;

  • Improved their revenue by 10%;

  • Reduced the lead time by 15%, by removing Lean 9 wastes.

Re-work at Collision Shops

  • Applying Honda A3 Problem solving and Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C approach;

  • Targeting to reduce the re-work by 50%.



New User Provisioning

  • Freed up 15% capacity and reduced overtime;
  • Lead time reduced by 20%.

IT Helpdesk

  • Reduced lead time by 25%;
  • Combined the New User Provisioning process with the IT Helpdesk process to bring one common platform.

IT Storefront

  • Freed up 300 square feet of space;
  • Freed up 10% of resource hours;
  • Inventory reduced by 25%.



– Cardio Clinic

  • Waiting time at the clinic reduced by 25%;
  • Overall patient wait time from the time of receiving referral to the 1st time at the clinic reduced by 20%;
  • Load balancing to improve the patient care.

– Imaging Clinic

  • Freed up 15% resource hours;
  • Reduced Patient waiting time by 75% by studying and improving call center process.

– Family Health team

  • Completed Capacity study and supported management team to open up more lines of business or revenue;
  • Coached staff to find Lean 8 Waste in healthcare.

Healthcare projects were done in partnership with our partner Canada Health Net.


public service

Library New Material

  • Lead time reduced by 97%;
  • Freed up 630 square feet;
  • 42% increase in production;
  • Freed up 700 Employee Hours.

Courts Early Resolution

  • Processing lead time reduced by 99.99% for Customers coming to Counter;
  • Touch time / ticket reduced by 30%.

Facility Maintenance

  • Lead Time reduced by 25%;
  • Brought back $200K worth of sublet or outsourced work, back into the department.

Accountable Payable

  • 65% reduction in number of Invoices;
  • 25% reduction in Lead Time;
  • $25,000 in Freed up capacities.

Infill Building Permit

  • Resubmissions reduced by 25%;
  • Overall lead time reduced by 41%.

Road Repairs

  • Construction lead time reduced by 54%;
  • Payment lead time reduced by 60%.

Trained 2500 public service professionals who have further initiated 600 small process improvements and saved $ 4 Million in the form of cost reductions, cost savings and freed up capacities


Transit Maintenance



Reduced one specific engine problem by 97%, saving 2400 employee hours, $200,000 savings per annum on repairs and cost avoidance of 1.4 Million Dollars;


Air Condition and Heat related failures reduced by 20%.



Bus Lube and Inspection lean time reduced by 33%;


$100,000 savings in Engine Warranty costs;


Brought new Engine and Transmission Vendor with better quality and 20% cheaper;


Bus life increased from 12 to 15 years and freed up $50 M over 22 years.



Daily bus washing improved from 160 to 180 buses per night;


Monthly and semi annual Bus cleaning time reduced by 25%.

Charanjit Bawa
PMP, Black Belt

Founder, Lean Coach

Charanjit (CJ) is a passionate, results-driven professional, an enthusiastic public speaker, coach and mentor. He has 23 years of experience in transforming numerous organizations, training and coaching over 3000 individuals (on Lean White, Yellow, Green Belt & Lean Tools).

He supported 50 project teams and embedded LEAN Six Sigma in organizations varying from 100 to 7000 employees by acting as a motivator, a trainer, a coach, a mentor and a facilitator. He has coached individuals from all the sectors including healthcare, service, public service, manufacturing and construction.

He gained Lean knowledge while working for HONDA and since then coached or led more than 60 Lean project teams. CJ also led many Quality Circle teams and won best quality award from Honda, Japan.

He is a certified ADKAR Change management professional from Prosci, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from ASQ and a Project management professional from PMI. He believes that “people are limitless” if engaged in a positive manner and can do wonders.

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